An in-depth ERP Solution for the Manufacturing¬†industry…

What are my solutions?

aERPIT360 offers a complete, full control ERP solution that integrates and automates your sales floor with your sales, inventory, order management and accounting. This powerful cloud based solution integrates with the Distribution Management, Financial Management, Project Management and Customer Management suites of the Acumatica ERP Software, delivering an innovative solution for manufacturing companies.


Get real-time coordination of all activities from one location. Your team members, clients and partners can create their own dashboard views that display real-time information to improve your business’ process.


Contact us today for a demo and additional details on how ERPIT360 can help automate your workflow and team collaboration and deliver the best in technology in today’s demanding world.

How much do these solutions cost?

aAll ERP Cloud Solutions are custom based. They are based on your current IT infrastructure, what your unique business needs are and timeframe.

Please contact us for a demo and additional details on pricing.


How long does it take to launch?

aIt all depends on your organization’s requirements and unique needs. An assessment will determine the time-frame and project timeline.

Please contact us for a demo and additional details.


Where are you located?

aWe are located in the heart of Miami, Florida. We work locally and remotely to meet your business needs. All solutions are Cloud based, so there is no need to implement onsite.

Please contact us for a demo and for additional details.




Our staff is experienced, with vast knowledge on Acumatica ERP Software and more than happy to help! Please contact us via phone or email for support.

Office Hours


We are available during the office hours listed below. For emergencies please contact us via email.

Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM EST.